I feel like I am drowning, and no one is there to help save me.

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Everyday I try to tell myself that I will be okay. But everyday I feel like I’m losing you bit by bit, pieces by pieces, and heartbeat by heartbeat it feels like I am breaking and falling apart. I am trying to be strong, I smile, I laugh, but deep inside I feel like dying. Losing you is not…

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You don’t need him. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt, it does, it hurts a lot. But you’re going to be fine. Yes, I wish you could have your best friend back. I wish you could go back to how things were before. And if he wanted that again, I know all it would take is an “I’m sorry. I miss you. Let’s be best friends again.” to have you back but either way you’re going to be alright. Yes, you loved him. Yes, you still do. Yes, losing this friendship hurts more than losing any relationship ever could. But. You. Will. Survive. He didn’t complete you. He added to you. He’s a welcome addition, but he’s one that you can work just fine without. You’re going to be OK. Eventually this hurt will subside to a dull ache, and that dull ache will subside as well. And maybe a part of you will always miss how things were, how his hugs felt, how happy he made you, how much you made each other laugh, and if you can have that back that would be fantastic. But you don’t need to have it back to function. You’re going to get through this. No matter how things turn out with him, you’re going to be OK. please, please remember  (via youokhoney) 146 notes
I loved you fully, completely and without question. Now I feel empty, incomplete and doubtful that I’ll ever be able to let anyone back in. Anonymous (via suupalex) 135 notes

As you like darling…
You were everything I ever wanted. I let you in because I thought you were different than the others. How is it that in the end, you fucked me up the most? thoughts of a broken heart (via reality-escape-artist) 194 notes